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cheyne Canine Concepts

Cheyne Canine Concepts was founded in 1996 by Don Blackwell from Benfleet, Essex with the idea of catering for all types of pet dog training under one umbrella. This includes, pet dog obedience classes, one to one help, advice and training, agility.

Don was extremely well known and respected in the South East Essex area for his work with dogs and he involved himself with many charitable organisations including the R.S.P.C.A and the Animal Welfare Trust amongst others. He worked with dogs for almost 30 years and he worked as a professional dog trainer for his last 14 years.

Sadly, Don passed away suddenly in August 2002 and didn't live to see his dream come true, but his ideals and theories are being continued within the organisation safe in the knowledge that the training methods and experience given to them by Don will stand them in good stead to make the organisation a unique and outstanding success.

Bowers Dog Training & Agility Club

The club was originally formed in 1988 to cater for problem dogs which other clubs had rejected as being too boisterous, too aggressive or just too difficult to handle. Don was a firm believer that by working a dog, it's behavioural problems could be channeled with good effect; be that aggression, boisterousness or timidity. We never turn away a dog and handler that is desperate for help.

The club is situated on 6 acres of land so there is plenty of room for all. We train every Sunday, between 10.00 a.m. and 1.00 p.m. regardless of the weather. Our costs are kept to a minimum as we are a non-profit making organisation.
We do not take part, or promote, any form of competitive training. Our club is purely for the pet dog, to ensure that it and its' owner receives good all round training and advice, leading to a well adjusted and well behaved dog that the owner can be proud of.

We do not hold with the belief of puppy socialising classes and Don wrote a strong article for the British Institute of Professional Dog Trainers regarding this "new fangled" idea which was published and received with much support and acclaim. We believe that all dogs, regardless of age or size, can and should be integrated within the same group or class thereby both dogs & handlers can learn how to behave around other dogs and other people with dogs.

We hold pet dog training classes every 6 weeks at Benfleet on Sunday morning

We try to have at least 2 instructors available per class to help and advise on individual problems if necessary.

We hold a fun day every summer which is open to club members and their families and of course members of the public. We have an agility and obedience display showing what the club has done during the year and we also have a fun agility ring where people can try their hand. We have a dog scurry, egg and spoon race, 11 legged race (2 people & 2 dogs!) and just generally have a good time. We are also available for displays for school fetes and other outdoor events.
Services available:

Pet obedience - Sunday morning
Agility - Sunday morning (weather permitting)
Flyball training Sundays - weather permitting - ask for details

Where are we?
We are located in the field past the Wildlife Sanctuary, off Watlington Road Benfleet. Please feel free to come down and visit us and have a chat about our services and our club at any time.

This fun sport is noisy, fast and furious and dogs love it!! Dogs are sent over4 sets of jumps to a box where they have to make contact with their paws to release a ball. They have to then catch the ball and return back over the jumps to their owners, when the next dog is sent. There are 4 dogs per team. Again this concept has been set up for fun and not competition.

Don Blackwell

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